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BLDNG.AI is Norway’s leading Prop-tech company, providing intelligent platform and connectivity solutions.

Our Big Data Platform

At BLDNG.AI we are all about creating insights for our customers. At our core is our intelligent BLDNG.AI data platform. This open platform can securely manage all the data that your building portfolio can and will ever generate, housing it in one easily accessible place whilst structuring that data in a way that provides our applications (and your own) with valuable information and unique insights into your building portfolio and it’s users.

Your building users will never be the same again

Building users are as important to us as they are to you. Our suite of end-user solutions and applications not only connects your building to its people, but it provides a friction-free day for each employee and building user. Our mobile app and large screen display solutions are tailored to meet what your users want and need.

We make workplaces better

We provide intelligent insights so you can make better decisions

At BLDNG.AI we provide you with insights into your building portfolio like no one else can. Our unique analytics engine takes raw data and turns it into meaningful information. Not only can insights be delivered in the form of informative dashboards, but also as graphic-rich PDF reports at the press of a button.

ONLY the technology you need

We test all hardware, so you don’t have to. With BLDNG.AI you can be assured your building gets a truly secure IoT connectivity backbone and optimal hardware. We deploy expert infrastructure installers that take the headache away from planning your installations.

We make operating a large scale IoT deployment easy

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